Boost Me Beef & Fortify Me Topper 4 Pack


Two Bags Of 3.5oz Boost Me & Two Bags Of 3.5oz Fortify Me Give your fur baby even more benefits of raw with this Boost Me & Fortify Me combo pack. Boost Me TruDog's

BOOST ME is a freeze-dried, versatile supplement that contains simple ingredients packed with powerful nutrition.
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BOOST ME contains USA midwest-raised, high quality cuts of raw beef muscle meat, vital beef organs, beef blood and bone, and a little herring oil to aid digestion. It's the raw diet nature intended your dog to eat- without the mess and hassle. Freeze drying locks in the freshness without adding chemicals or cooking out vital nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy. BOOST ME enhances the nutritional value of your current dry or wet food and is an excellent choice for ill or senior dogs, finicky eaters, or a great way to transition to a freeze-dried raw diet. Fortify Me Our dogs are direct descendants of the mighty Grey Wolf. And just like wolves in the wild, our dogs are biologically designed to eat a diet of REAL, RAW meat. Fortify Me combines the powerful protein found in quality cuts of beef meat, organs, and bone and combines it with a special blend of 9 SuperFood
Fortify Me contains 9 Super foods Along with quality cuts of freeze-dried raw beef, Fortify Me contains 9 superfood ingredients that are packed with vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and antioxidants that add a powerful boost of nutrition to every meal your dog eats. Beef Liver Salmon Skin Pineapple Coconut Oil Carrots Blueberry Pomace Beet Pulp Sweet Potatoes Pumpkin

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