Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone Large Over 60lbs for Pets


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Product Facts:Dogs love to chew. If you&rsquove ever experienced the frustration of having your dog ruin your favorite pair of shoes, you know that introducing your dog to the &ldquoright&rdquo things to chew is critical to keeping the peace in your household. The Busy Bouncy Bone is here to help! When you find your pet chewing on an &ldquooff-limits&rdquo item, immediately replace it with an item that is OK to chew, such as a Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone. Redirecting your dog to chew on the &ldquoright&rdquo things is critical to teaching him what he can chew on and what he can&rsquot. The Busy Buddy line of dog toys and treats is designed for longer lasting playtime. Busy Buddy treat holding or treat dispensing toys en&notcourage dogs to interact with the toys longer. This built-in gratification system keeps them actively engaged and redirects potentially destructive chewing behavior into positive playtime. Our toys can be used as a part of your dog&rsquos treat routine, instead of giving them high calorie treats that they consume in minutes. The Bouncy Bone comes with six irresistible natural rawhide treat rings to extend playtime and encourage your dog to chew longer. The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone is a durable nylon bone with a rubber ball center, designed to hold natural rawhide treat rings to entice your dog to chew the toy longer. The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone received Dog Fancy Magazine&rsquos Editor&rsquos Choice award in 2007. Treat Refills:To add or replace treat rings, simply unscrew one end of the bone, add a treat ring to either side of the rubber ball, and screw the bone back together. Durability:Then let playtime begin! While no dog toy is indestructible, the Bouncy Bone and all toys in the Busy Buddy line are extremely durable, to give your dog longer lasting playtime. The Bouncy Bone has a &ldquohard&rdquo chew strength and is great for dogs that are really committed to chewing. If you&rsquove seen your dog destroy a brand new toy in a few minutes, the Bouncy Bone is the perfect product to satisfy their need to chew. Choosing the Right Size:Remember to consider your dog&rsquos size and breed when choosing the right size Bouncy Bone. If you aren&rsquot sure which size toy is correct for your dog, go up one size. This is a good rule of thumb for choosing the right size toy. And remember to stock up on treat ring refills for longer lasting playtime. Product Features Treat holding toy: Reward your dog&rsquos playtime and make it more fun. The Bouncy Bone holds rawhide treat rings for your dog to enjoy while he plays. Longer lasting playtime: Incredibly durable and strong for tough chewers. Features nylon bone ends, a rubber ball center, and replaceable rawhide treat rings. Less mess: The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone and treat rings are engaging and fun for pets but don&rsquot create a wet or crumbly mess. The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone is dishwasher safe top rack only. Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone What&rsquos In The Box? 1 Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone 6 natural rawhide treat rings Natural Rawhide Treat Ingredients Rawhide, Sorbitol. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein: 50% min, Crude Fat: 4% min, Crude Fiber: 1% min, Moisture: 15% max. Product Description Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone Large Over 60lbs. I do not receive this product or any others in exchange for this article, I do get a commission for readers clicking the buy now links which helps to differ the cost of hosting this blog and I sincerely hope this article site helps you with your search for Vet Approved Rx products.