Milbeguard Flavored Tablets 26-50 lbs Dogs / 601-12 lbs Cats 6 Doses Purple


Offered from Ceva the Heartworm solution you need. Purchase Milbeguard Flavored Tablets 26-50 lbs Dogs / 601-12 lbs Cats 6 Doses Purple from Vet Approved Rx through links to support this site. Get Milbeguard Flavored Tablets 26-50 lbs Dogs / 601-12 lbs Ca

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Benefits: In Dogs & Puppies Prevents heartworm disease Controls adult hookworm infection Removes and controls adult roundworms Removes and controls adult whipworms In Cats & Kittens Prevents heartworm disease Removes adult hookworms Removes adult roundworms Contains an active ingredient backed by veterinarians for nearly 30 years. – FDA-approved -Monthly meat-free, beef flavored tablet Possible Side Effects: The following adverse reactions have been reported following the use of MilbeGuard Flavored Tablets : Depression/lethargy, vomiting, ataxia, anorexia, diarrhea, convulsions, weakness and hypersalivation. Precautions: Keep out of reach of children and animals. Do not use in puppies less than four weeks of age or less than two pounds of body weight. Prior to initiation of the MILBEGUARD Flavored Tablets treatment program, dogs should be tested for existing heartworm infections. Infected dogs should be treated to remove adult heartworms and microflariae prior to initiating treatment with MILBEGUARD Flavored Tablets. Mild, transient hypersensitivity reactions manifested as labored respiration, vomiting, salivation and lethargy, have been noted in some treated dogs carrying a high number of circulating microflariae. These reactions are presumably caused by release of protein from dead or dying microflariae. Do not use in kittens less than six weeks of age or less than 1.5 lbs. body weight. Safety in heartworm positive cats has not been established. Safety in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens and breeding toms has not been established. Milbeguard Flavored Tablets 26-50 lbs Dogs / 601-12 lbs Cats 6 Doses Purple. I do not receive this product or any others in exchange for this article, I do get a commission for readers clicking the buy now links which helps to differ the cost of hosting this blog and I sincerely hope this article site helps you with your search for Vet Approved Rx products.