Optimmune 0.2%Cyclosporine, USP 1 x 3.5g Tube for Pets


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Benefits: The only FDA-approved veterinary cyclosporin ophthalmic product. Achieves therapeutic effect while avoiding systems toxicity. Sterile, preservative-free formulation reduces the chance of secondary infection and chemical irritation. Shelf life up to 24 months with no refrigeration. Reduces inflammation and assists with natural tear production for dogs Indications:Optimmune Ophthalmic Ointment is indicated for management of chronic keratoconjunctivitis sicca KCS and chronic superficial keratitis CSK in dogs. Dosage and Administration:The eye should be properly cleansed of debris with suitable non irritating solutions. Apply approximately 1/4-inch strip of ointment to the affect eyes every 12 hours. For further information including dose rate and complete directions and warnings, please see the Product Label;and the accompanying directions in the box Each gram contains 2mg of cyclosporine, petrolatum USP, corn oil, NF petrolatum and lanolin alcohol. Cautions: Keep out of reach of childrenDo not use in CatsEnsure that during adminstration the tip of the optimmune tube is not touched to any surface, keeping it clean. Optimmune 0.2%Cyclosporine, USP 1 x 3.5g Tube. I do not receive this product or any others in exchange for this article, I do get a commission for readers clicking the buy now links which helps to differ the cost of hosting this blog and I sincerely hope this article site helps you with your search for Vet Approved Rx products.