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There are numerous websites for dog lovers on the Internet …so many, in fact, that it can be difficult and time-consuming to discover the best ones. Dogs have been an important part of my family for many years, so I'm very happy to find so much information about them online. Like many other people, though, I'm often busy. I like to go directly to useful information on the Internet instead of searching for it. I've shared sites and products that I find both interesting and helpful. In the pages on my site, I'll review each of these sites and other tidbits I find interesting.
dogcaresolutionsStart with my views on veterinary organizations or veterinarians. Many useful articles related to dog health and protection, and all aspects of keeping a dog as a pet as well as interesting news, photos, and videos. The vet information about other pets besides dogs. Pet websites can be very educational, but some caution is needed. Reading about dog health problems on a website is not a substitute for taking a sick pet to a vet, although it can sometimes give a helpful background to a situation. It also shares ideas about topics that should be discussed with veterinarians.
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