BarkPark by Ultrasite Expert Dog Park Kit


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BarkParkfts most advanced agility course offers nine (9) activities for dogs of various sizes and abilities. The Expert Kit offers activities suitable for the family pet up to the seasoned dog athlete. During play, dogs can begin to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling and more. Install all nine pieces in any configuration that fits your park. The kit includes: Rover Jump Over Paws Table Doggie Crawl Large Hoop Jump Five Stepping Paws King of the Hill Teeter-Totter Weave Posts Dog Walk The Rover Jump Over works on getting pups to jump higher and higher. The Paws Table can be a quick stop or even double as a grooming table. Dogs will barrel through the Doggie Crawl at top speeds. The Hoop Jump will see dog after dog fly through it. As dogs continue torpedoing forward, theyftll come to the staggered Stepping Paws. The King of the Hill challenges dogs to reach the peak. As they teeter on the edge of success theyftll have to cross the Teeter Totter. As they bump back to the ground, the zig zagging begins through the Weave Posts. Finally, they can strut their stuff as they saunter on the Dog Walk. After running through the Expert Dog Park Kit, any pup will feel like an expert!