Blue-9 KLIMB Accessory Kit


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The KLIMB Accessory Kit comes with the Safety Plugs, Non-Skid Feet, 4 Short Legs, and KLIMB Strap. Using the KLIMB without the legs installed or with the 4 Short Legs, is a great way to introduce and get your dog comfortable with the KLIMB. KLIMB Non-Skid Feet are designed to be used in the place of the legs if you plan on using the KLIMB without legs on a hard surface such as tile or concrete. When installed, the KLIMB will not slide providing a solid surface for your dog to jump on and off of. KLIMB Safety Plugs are designed to go with the Non-Skid feet configuration so that small legs and/or paws donftt slip or get caught in the four corner holes. The KLIMB™ Strap is a great addition to any KLIMB™ that is going to be transported or assembled and disassembled often. The strap easily installs over the leg compartment and prevents the legs from falling out when they are in storage. The KLIMB Short Legs creates a 6in³ Height to the KLIMB platform. Half the height of the KLIMB when the regular legs are installed. Comes in sets of 4. The Safety Plugs go into the holes on top of the KLIMB when legs are not installed. This prevents your dogfts paws from slipping into them when the legs are not installed. Not to be used when legs are installed in the KLIMB. Comes in sets of 4 The Non-Skid Feet are for use on the bottom of the KLIMB when legs are not installed. This prevents the KLIMB from slipping around when the legs are not installed. *Non-Skid feet go in place of screw legs. Comes in sets of 4 The KLIMB™ Strap is recommended if you plan to take legs in and out and store or transport on a regular basis. The KLIMB™ Strap is an elastic band that easily installs with 3 self-drilling screws. Each strap comes with installation instructions. *1 Strap included.