Dakota 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel – Portable Dog Travel Crate


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Dakota 283 G3 Framed Door Kennel: a lightweight yet famously durable dog travel crate, ideal for travel or for any outdoor adventure. Key Features: Single-piece, roto-molded, military-strength crate Extremely durable and weatherproof Top molded handle for convenient mobility Easy to clean interior with rear drainage Secure, double-latch, spring door Flow-through ventilation Large ventilation holes Medium: 8 per side in upper section of kennel in“ 16 total Large & Extra Large: 10 per side in upper section of kennel in“ 20 total Stackable with attachable kit (sold separately) Compatible with Extra Large XL Mud River cover (sold separately) 1-year manufacturerfts warranty Made in the USA Product Details: Dakota 283 brings yet another solid kennel to the game with their new line of G3 framed door crates. Each one is created using the rotational molding process and from high grade Polyethylene, which forms a single-shell product that will flex slightly, but resist surface abrasions and extreme impacts. It is the same process used to make military-strength cargo containers and heavy-duty fuel cells, so you can rest assured it will protect and keep your dog safe. The deep, wide interiors are enough to hold nearly any size dog (or other similar sized animals). The G3 kennels are dimensioned to maximize the rear interior of most trucks, SUVs and hatchbacks (that are 48 inches wide or more) sitting side-by-side. If your pet has an accident, the plastic is easily rinsed and the small, rear-facing holes allow for easy drainage. Therefts plenty of air circulation with 16 holes in the Medium size and 20 holes for the large and up. Thanks to the double-hinged door, access is never a problem. The door can swing from right or left and can be completely removed with ease from the outside. On the top youftll find a large grip-handle that makes lifting and maneuvering the G3s a snap. The walls are tough and rugged, able to absorb impacts while the corners remain virtually impervious to crushing, cracking and other damage. These crates can also be stacked to save room in indoor areas with a separately sold stacking kit. This is ideal if space is limited and dogs are plenty. The G3 Medium glides more easily across surfaces. This is ideal if you donftt require the crate to be raised and prefer the sliding action. By running straps through the top handle hole, the G3s can be locked in for a permanant stay in the back of virtually any vehicle. Size and Dimensions: Size Medium Large Extra Large (XL) Exterior Dimensions & Weight 30.5Dx21.5Wx25H at 40 lbs 35 D x 24W x 26.25 H at 44 lbs 38.25Dx25.5Wx29.25H at 59 lbs Interior Dimensions 24.5 H (21 at handle) x 20.5 W x 29 D 25.5 H (21.75 at lowest point) x 23 W x 33 D 28.5 H (25.5 at lowest point) x 24 W x 36 D Door (inches) 20.5 H x 16 W 21 H x 16 W 24.75 H x 19.5 W Recommended size: Dogs between 25-50 lbs Dogs between 50-75 lbs dogs 75 lbs and up or multiple dogs under 75 lbs Product Number: D2-KG3MED-FRM (Color) D2-KG3LRG-FRM (Color) D2-KG3XLG-FRM (Color) Available in 5 Colors: Manufacturerfts Warranty: Dakota 283 (1)-Year Manufacturerfts Warranty