Dasuquin with MSM – Large Dog – Softchews – 84 count


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Benefits: Prevents cartilage breakdown, Protects existing cartilage and Stimulates cartilage production Combines glucosamine, chondroitin and ASU to improve joint function Dual-synergistic formula Ingredients:Dasuquin combines Cosequin's proven FCHG49 glucosamine hydrochloride and TRH122 low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate with NMX1000 ASU avocado/soybean unsaponifiables. These ingredients work syngistically to support cartilage production and help block enzymes in joints that break down cartilage. MSM further supports this comprehensive formula by bringing an organic source of sulfur, a compound used by cartilage. Dasuquin is further augmented witht he inclusion of ASU. Number of Chews Per DayDog's Weight Initial 4-6 Week Administration Period Suggested Maintenance Level 10-29 lbs. 1 1 EOD 30-59 lbs 2 1 Directions Large Dogs: 60-120 lbs. 2 1 The recommended initial administration period is 4-6 weeks however, some dogs may respond in a shorter period of time. If desired, the number of Dasuquin with MSM soft chews may then be reduced to a maintenance level. The maintenance level can also be used long-term on healthy dogs to help support their joints. Possible Side Effects:In rare cases, some dogs have shown intolerance to the avocado in Dasuquin and may experience mild stomach upset. The ASU combination has been studied extensively by the French government with no significant contraindications found. Dasuquin with MSM – Large Dog – Softchews – 84 count. I do not receive this product or any others in exchange for this article, I do get a commission for readers clicking the buy now links which helps to differ the cost of hosting this blog and I sincerely hope this article site helps you with your search for Vet Approved Rx products.