Diggs Groov – Crate Training Tool


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Groov is a revolutionary crate training tool that helps pups feel comfortable in their crates. Its design is perfect for introducing your puppy to a crate for the first time, re-training an older dog, or just giving your pooch a special treat to enjoy safely in the crate. Groov crate training tool makes crating easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Made from high-quality, food-grade, BPA-free all-natural rubber, and is ergonomic and durable. Groov was designed for nut butter, cream cheese, and other spreadable treats. Experiment with everything your pup loves best and enjoy while you train your pup! Groov is dishwasher safe, so you can easily wash, rinse, and repeat. A great training tool, Groov is easy to use and is compatible with Revol Crate, a flat-folding, collapsible, sturdy wire dog crate, and most traditional wire crates.