DRE Citadel 300 Veterinary Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)


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The DRE Citadel 300 is an ideal electrosurgical generator for todayfts veterinary practice. With 30 settings, the Citadel 300 can easily adapt to a variety of surgical environments. Clinicians can use bipolar mode safely and effectively with unique features including audio feedback alerts and automatic tissue sensing technology. The DRE Citadel 300 is available with an optional safety timeout function, argon beam coagulation, a smoke evacuator and a suction irrigation module in” ask us for details. Key Features: Stable, 300-watt power supply over a wide range of tissue with innovative tissue feedback technology. Patient return electrode monitoring for increased safety during every procedure. Navigate 30 cut and coag settings with the easily-programmable interface for quick and simple setup. Safety-diagnostic protocols help to ensure all parts and accessories are functioning properly. Spray coagulation function provides homogenous, efficient coagulation over a large area. Monopolar and bipolar capable with the appropriate accessories. Audio feedback alerts operator to the completion of bipolar coag. Automatic tissue sensing starts and stops bipolar mode without foot switch activation. Pulse Cut: Tissue feedback, pulse interval controlled pulse cut for polypectomy and papillotomy. Independent control for two simultaneous coagulation outputs. Durable, water-proof foot pedals. Optional in” Remote power settings allow clinicians to adjust mode and power from the sterile area. Optional in” Timeout function automatically stops the HF output in the event of unintended activation. Optional in” Argon beam coagulation, ultrasonic aspirator, smoke evacuator, suction irrigation module. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Length: 17.7 in (45 cm) Width: 14 in (35.5 cm) Height: 4.5 in (11.5) Weight: 16.6 lbs (7.5 kg) Power Operating Voltage: 180-265 V AC Max Power input: 1000 VA Fuse: 4 A UPS Backup: 1.5 KVA Monopolar AutoCut Pure Sine wave 390 kHz Sp Cut: Programmable Pulse or continues output, 300 W at 300 Ω, CF 1.5 Pure: Continues output, 300 W at 300 Ω, CF 1.5 Blend: Bursts repeating at 29 kHz 55% ON cycle, 200 W at 300 Ω, CF 2.5 Bipolar Pure Sine wave 390 kHz Micro: Lower output voltage, 70 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5 Standard: Medium output voltage, 70 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5 Macro: Higher output voltage, 70 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5 Monopolar Coag Damped Sine wave 460 kHz Soft: Repetition Frequency 62 kHz, 120 W at 500 Ω, CF 5.0 Fulgurate LCF: Repetition Frequency 42 kHz, 120 W at 500 Ω, CF 6.2 Fulgurate HCF: Repetition Frequency 34 kHz, 120 W at 500 Ω, CF 7.0 Spray: Randomized Repetition Frequency 34 kHz Leakage Currents RF leakage current Monopolar: Bipolar: Low Frequency leakage currents Normal polarity, intact ground: Normal polarity, ground open: Feedback System 3 Microprocessor Controlled 6SENSE Technology with sampling rate above 4000 sense/second Maximum output power deviation PREM System Measuring Frequency: 85 kHz ± 10 kHz Measuring current: Acceptable Resistance Range Dual Area PREM Patient Return Electrode: 10-135 Ω Single Area Patient Return Electrode: