DRE HTP-1500 Heat Pump


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The HTP-1500 heat pump offers the perfect solution for veterinary warming. Easy and convenient to use, it comes with a large reservoir opening for easy filling and can be filled with tap water. The pump and pads are designed to provide a consistent temperature to a localized area. The available veterinary pads are heavy-duty and can be patched if necessary. The HTP-1500 is available new through DRE Veterinary. For more information, contact a DRE representative today. Features Four pad sizes available Real-time display Uses tap water Extremely accurate, can be calibrated to within 1.0° F Three temperature safety units to prevent overheating Hi-Limit switches can be tested without taking the unit apart Mercury-free Pads may be used directly against the skin or with a light-weight fabric cover for additional protection SPECIFICATIONS Pad dimensions Small: 20 in x16 in Medium: 20 in x 29 in Large: 20 in x 44 in X-Large: 20 in x 57 in Heat Pump Specification Dimensions: 10 in x 7 in (25.4 cm x 17.78 cm) Tank capacity: 51 oz (1500 mL) Temperature range: 75° to 107° F (24° to 42° C)