DRE SunTech Blood Pressure Cuffs


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These disposable blood pressure cuffs from the experts at SunTech are engineered for patient comfort, 100% leak tested and use SunTechfts Cuff Standardization Program to help you simplify patient monitoring across your facility. Each cuff includes one plastic tube with a plastic Male Slip Luer connector. Available Sizes Neonatal 1 3-6 cm Neonatal 2 4-8 cm Neonatal 3 6-11 cm Neonatal 4 7-13 cm Neonatal 5 8-15 cm Component Materials Component Materials Cuff: Polyester (Dupont Sontara – Style 8001) with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) – DEHP Free Hook: PVC – DEHP Free Loop: Nylon Nipple: PVC – DEHP Free Tubing: PVC – DEHP Free