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The DRE Veterinary Scale provides simplicity, accuracy, and affordability The DRE Veterinary Scales are an easy to use, affordable scale ideal for any veterinary practice. Available in weight capacities of 400 pounds at 0.1 pound increments or 700 pounds at 0.2 pound increments, the DRE Veterinary scale is suitable for small animals, all the way up to large dogs. The scale comes standard with two rollers, one handle and one rubber mat. Key Features: Large veterinary scale with a weight capacity of 400 or 700 pounds. Resolution of 0.1 (400 lb model) or 0.2 pounds (700 lb model) allows for accurate measurement. Durable plastic (400 model) or stainless steel (700 model) platform built to withstand heavy use. LCD backlit display is easy to read in any environment. Quick, two-second settling time. Can use either an AC adaptor or AA batteries. Includes two rollers and one handle for easy mobility Includes rubber mat to cover the platform Specifications : DRE Veterinary Scale Model 400 700 700XL Part # DR-7VS400 DR-7VS700 DR-7VS700XL Casing Plastic Steel Steel Capacity 400 lb 700 lb 700 lb 2nd Capcity No No No Resolution 0.1 lb 0.2 lb 0.2 lb No. of Display Divisions 4000 3500 3500 No. of internal Resolutions 2m 2m 2m Accuracy +/-3d +/-3d +/-3d Platform Size 37.4 x 19.7 inches 37.4 x 19.7 inches 44 x 22 inches Draft Shield No No No Scale Dimensions 37.4 x 19.7 x 3 inches 37.4 x 19.7 x 3 inches 44 x 22 x 3 inches LCD Height 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch Beeper Yes Yes Yes Auto Backlight Yes, Selectable Yes, Selectable Yes, Selectable Auto Shut Off Yes, Selectable Yes, Selectable Yes, Selectable Auto Hold No No No Unit Switching kg,lb kg,lb Kg, lb AD Processor 21 bit A/D 21 bit A/D 21 bit A/D AD Update Speed 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz Settling Time Calibration Software AnyCAL AnyCAL AnyCAL Number of Keys 5 5 5 Memory Zero Zero Zero Counting Function No No No RS232C Yes Yes Yes USB No No No Battery 6 x AA Size Battery 6 x AA Size Battery 6 x AA Size Battery AC Adapter Yes, 9 V DC Yes, 9 V DC Yes, 9 V DC Shipping weight 31 lbs 47 lbs 58 lbs