DRE Zip Combo Centrifuge


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The multi-function ZipCombo Centrifuge is available with a choice of two rotors to help meet the needs of any professional veterinary clinic. The rotors are capable of bringing results in as little as three minutes. The ZipCombo has a six-place microtube rotor that can spin 1.5 to 2.0 ml tubes, and also comes with adapters for smaller size tubes. Additionally, its high-quality construction ensures that this centrifuge will last a long time, making it an excellent investment. Features Interchangeable microhematocrit or microtube rotors Digital LCD display of speed and time Clear lid for using tachometer Beep signals end of cycle Suction-cupped feet to prevent slipping Allen wrench included for changing rotors Small footprint conserves counter space Quick start and stop Smooth operation Designed for: blood and urine separations, microfiltration of HPLC samples, DNA preparations Brushless, maintenance-free motor Variable speed: 1000-12000 rpm in steps of 1000 rpm Maximum RCF of 6900g Components Centrifuge unit with no rotor 6 place microtube rotor with adapter sleeves for 0.2ml-0.5ml; 0.6ml-1.5ml; 1.5ml-2.0ml microtubes 12 place microhematocrit rotor (40mmx0.95mm max tube size) Replacement vials of 100 40mm heparinized capillary tubes EZ Reader microhematocrit reader card Optional: Critoseal clay tube sealant (one tray) Dimensions Height: 5.1in (130mm) Length: 7.9in (200mm) Width: 6.3in (160mm) Weight: 2 lbs (0.9 kg)