Edemco F921 Additional Swing Grooming Arm


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Move the swing arm out of the way easily to prevent interference while you work. The F921 adjustable arm can be mounted on the F975000 Edemco Hydraulic table, the F976000 Edemco Electric table, all F975 tables and all F976 tables. Fits any Edemco table made after 2004. Does not fit 48 table tops. Mounts to the frame, not the table top! Adjusts up to 48 and is collapsible. The pet cannot move the arm by the noose, so it is always secure in the position you set it. Keep in mind that the overhead noose ring stays in the same position regardless of where the upright arm post is moved. These grooming arms require an Edemco table mount bracket to work. If you do not already have the table mount bracket on your table, you will need to purchase the option with the bracket. Specifications: Color: White (other colors available for an additional charge) Arm: 180 degree rotation swing, adjustable arm Rotation: Swings left or right Edemcofts Product Return Policy