Groomers Best Stainless Steel Multiple Unit Cage Bank – 5 Units


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Groomers Best Multi-Dog Stainless Steel Cage Banks Each bank features a polyethylene floor grate on top of a slanted cage floor, as a part of the Spray & Drain Cleaning System. This unique design allows any waste to flow down to the bottom of the entire cage bank unit, making this one of the most sanitary and easiest to clean cage banks available. It also keeps the furry occupant drier, cleaner, and most importantly, calmer and more comfortable. Each cage bank unit also includes smooth gliding locking casters for easy transportation. Note: while they are professional grade and durable enough for commercial use by groomers, veterinarians and daycares, they are versatile enough to look great in any home as well. Groomers Best Cage Bank for Groomers – Key Features Made from high quality 20-gauge Stainless Steel Delivered fully assembled and ready for use Polyethylene floor grates for each unit and a bottom waste tray Set of 4 heavy duty locking casters provide 2 high total height/clearance Doors operate on a hook and latch system Unique waste drainage system for easy cleaning Proudly handcrafted in the USA Cage Bank Dimensions and Details Complete Unit Dimensions: 57.5W x 64H x 26.5D Top Cages Dimensions : 17W x 22H x 24.5D Top Cage Door Measures: 17W x 22H Bottom Cages Dimensions : 25.75W x 29.75H x 25D Bottom Cage Door Measures: 25.75W x 29.75H Weighs approximately 335 lbs Groomers Best 3 Year Warranty Groomers Best provides the following 3 Year Limited Warranty to the original retail product purchaser: Our products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the duration of the warranty period. At our option, we will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of any defective product covered by our warranty. Groomers Best Additional Warranty Details