HUG-U-VAC Surgical Body Positioning Set


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Designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, the HUG-U-VAC positioners will revolutionize your practice. HUG-U-VAC positioners offer safe and secure positioning for: Pre-op prep. Surgery – dorsal, ventral and lateral. Post-op recovery. Imaging – radiolucent Product Features: Designed for office, hospital and field use. Use manual or in-line suction for activation. Easy to clean. Conforms to anatomical contours Prevents pressure sores Evacuation valve. Available in 5 sizes. Product Measurements: Small (16 x 24) – puppies and kittens Medium (20ft x 30ft) – cats and small dogs Large (24 x 36) – medium and large dogs, goats and sheep. Extra-Large (30 x 45) – large dogs, goats and sheep. Jumbo (36 x 54) – large animals, alpacas, llamas, foals and mini horses This set includes: 1 Small HUG-U-VAC positioner 1 Medium HUG-U-VAC positioner 1 Large HUG-U-VAC positioner 1 Extra Large HUG-U-VAC positioner 1 Jumbo HUG-U-VAC positioner 1 Head Positioner 1 Manual Vacuum Pump with hose 1 Duffel bag 1 Patch Kit 20 limb restraint straps