MIM Safe VarioGate System (VarioGate Double)


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The Most Versatile, Flexible and Universal Automotive Crash Tested Dog Gate System in the world! The Freedom of Choice The MIM Safe VarioGate System makes it easy for you to find the solution that is exactly right for your needs and your lifestyle. The VarioGate System is highly adjustable and can be custom configured in a variety of ways to suit individual specific needs. When combined with one of our Five (5) Crash Tested VarioBarriers, the MIM Safe VarioGate System offers a customized Crash Tested kennel solution for almost any Station Wagon, SUV or Minivan. The new MIM Safe VarioGate System offers a variety of uses and functions, to help you, your dog, and fellow passengers travel in the safest possible way. Sizes & Configurations to Accommodate a Variety of Vehicles and Dogs MIM Safe VarioGate transforms your Cargo Area into a Spacious, Safe, and Secure Environment for Transporting Pets. When used with our Crash Tested VarioBarrier or VarioBarrier HR, the VarioGate System will create a secure containment area to keep you, your passengers, and your dog safe. The VarioGate Double provides useful storage space in your cargo area during travel while keeping your dog or 2 small or medium size dogs safe when they are traveling together. The VarioGate Divider is available in Short or Long Adjustable Sizes to accommodate a wide variety of Vehicles. Designed, engineered, and produced by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the worldfts only Crash Tested Dog Crate in“ the MIM Safe Variocage. The VarioGate Double is recommended for use with a VarioBarrier or VarioBarrier HR to provide maximum safety and protection for you, your passengers, and your dog(s). The VarioGate Double offers the option to be used with or without a Divider. The VarioGate Double can be ordered with a Short or Long Divider for cargo depth and a 3 Bar or 4 Bar Left-Wing Extension to extend the width depending on your needs. The VarioGate Double provides useful safe and secure storage space on one or both sides when not being used to transport your dogs. You can use the VarioGate Double with or without a divider to transport multiple dogs depending on their size when they are all traveling together. You can use the VarioGate System to safely store cargo which serves to protect human occupants when you are not using the VarioGate to transport dogs. Now available in North America for the first time! Designed, engineered, and manufactured by MIM Construction AB in Sweden, manufacturer of the worldfts only Crash Tested Dog Crates in“ MIM Safe Variocage, MultiCage, and CARE-2. Safely Secures Animals and Cargo Fully Adjustable to Fit Most Station Wagons, SUVfts and Minivans Allows Maximum Use of Cargo Area Built-In Key Lock for Security Offers Ventilation When Vehicle is Stationary & Cargo Hatch is Open Doors use Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs for Convenience and Safety Adjustable in Height, Width and Length as well as the Slope for Rear Cargo Door High-Quality, Automotive Grade, Powder Coated Steel Construction Installs Easily in Car with Load Tested Straps to Anchor Points Short and Long Dividers are Available as an Accessory Leash Hooks Included No Modification to Vehicle Required Recommended for use with our Crash Tested VarioBarrier for Optimal Safety INSTALLATION NOTES Please Install the Variogate at a Slight Angle Tilted Back 6 Degrees, more or less. This will assure Smooth Operation of your Variogate. This also allows the VarioGate to match the angle of your Cargo Door and Clear the Glass Window in your Cargo Door when closed. The Angle also serves to assure smooth operation of the VarioGate Doors when Opening & Closing. Please call our Technical Support Line (1-845-853-7496) prior to Installation for Professional Guidance, Tips & Tricks related to Assembly & Installation. MIM Three (3) Year Warranty 4in—4 North America, Inc (the exclusive North American distributor of Variocages handles all warranties. Warranties of all MIM Construction products is in effect for Three (3) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls or impacts. Pet Pro Supply Company & 4×4 North America Warranty Terms & Conditions