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MIM Variocages are widely regarded as the safest crash-tested dog travel crates for SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, vans, trucks and station wagons. Variocage is the only dog cage in the world crash-tested and certified for front, rear and rollover impacts that protects both human and dogs alike in the event of a car accident. Each model has gone through rigorous testing and has proven to withstand all different types of collisions, making it the ONLY CRASH TEST CERTIFIED AND APPROVED DOG CAGE on the market (based on stringent UNECE standards). This model is the Variocage Compact , designed for use in vehicles that have a threshold (or sill) at the rear cargo door. The Variocage Compact features a raised front door, which is designed to clear the vehiclefts threshold without requiring special mounting or a platform. Its small footprint leaves considerable space for additional cargo. MIM Variocage Compact works great in Station Wagons, Minivans, Hatchbacks and SUVs. The Variocage was engineered to have an adjustable length, allowing it to fit in most suitable vehicles and every breed of dog! The video below illustrates some of the features of the Variocage and how it is engineered to reduce the risk of harmful or fatal injury to all occupants of the vehicle in the event of a collision. Variocages were designed and engineered by MIM Construction, a Swedish ISO 9001 certified manufacturer and maker of high-quality and heavy-duty crash safety equipment for the automotive industry since 1986. Each Variocage is constructed of industrial-grade stainless steel designed for optimal durability, finished with a sleek powder coating for a great look. Get a Variocage today, and protect yourself, your family, and your pets from the potentially devastating effects of an automotive collision. Add-ons: Easily add a Pair of Leash Hooks , a Bumper Cover & Mat ,or a Spill-Proof Water Bowl by checking the corresponding boxes on the right before clicking Add to Cart. The Roll Mat will help protect your vehicle from scratches and dirt while protecting your dogs from slipping when entering and exiting the cargo area. The Spill-Proof Water bowl gives your dogs access to fresh water during your trips without the mess of a wet cage! We offer free replacement on all variocages with proper documentation of any accident. *Note on Variocage Returns: Variocage products are very difficult to re-pack and return without damage. Customers who use our measuring guides and call Pet Pro Supply Co. with accurate measurements for their dog and their vehicle will receive our sizing guarantee. We will accept full responsibility for exchanges and/or returns for any Variocage that has our sizing guarantee. Per our Return Policy , we cannot accept returns for improperly sized Variocage products unless we are at fault for shipping the wrong model or the wrong product. VARIOCAGE LINKS Variocage Models & Measuring Guide Vehicle Make & Model Fit Guide for Variocage Variocage FAQ All the Information Youftll Ever Need on Pet Safety MIM Construction – Engineering for Collisions MIM Variocage Crash SPCT Testing Methodology MIM Variocage Single SPCT Testing Report MIM Variocage Double SPCT Testing Report VARIOCAGE SINGLE DIMENSIONS: Part Number Description Length in“ (min in“ max) Width Height 376 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ SXS 28.74 in“ 38.97 in 21.85 in 23.22 in 363 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ L 29.92 in“ 40.55 in 21.85 in 25.59 in 379 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ L + 31.89 in“ 40.55 in 27.55 in 27.10 in 380 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ XL 31.89 in“ 40.55 in 27.55 in 28.14 in 378 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ XXL + 32.28 in“ 41.73 in 27.55 in 30.71 in 381 3G in“ Variocage Single in“ MAX 36.22 in“ 45.66 in 27.55 in 33.26 in Key Features The ONLY Crash Tested Cage Rated Using Government Safety Standards – ISO 27955 / ECE R-17 / ECE R-44 Perfect Track Record of Safety Since it was Introduced over a Decade Ago 14 Adjustable Sizes to Best Fit Most Cats, Dogs and Vehicles Locking Doors with Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs Built-In Key Lock for Security Padlock Mounting Tabs for Added Protection High-Quality Powder Coated Steel Construction Emergency Escape Hatch for Added Safety Built-In Crumple Zone Absorbs Impact Leash Hooks & Spill Proof Water Bowl Available as Accessories Installs Easily in Car with Load Tested Straps to Anchor Points No Modification to Vehicle Required Why do I need Dog Safety Equipment? According to a survey by the American Automobile Association, 84% of drivers who transport their dogs in a vehicle do not use a proper safety restraint. Traveling in your vehicle with an unrestrained pet not only increases the risk of serious or fatal injury for your animal companion, but for the vehiclefts human occupants as well. Here are a few points to consider when traveling with an unrestrained dog: An unrestrained dog can be a distraction while driving, increasing your risk of having an accident. In the event of an accident, an unrestrained dog will impact whatever it hits with a force equivalent to several thousand pounds of energy. In an accident, an unrestrained dog may be ejected or escape from the vehicle resulting in the dog getting lost, injured or killed. Once outside, the dog can become a hazard to other drivers and is at risk of being hit by another vehicle. After an accident, an injured or frightened dog can pose a threat to emergency responders, preventing them from helping human occupants that may be in need of assistance. Traveling safely and responsibly with your pet is not just about reducing the risk of harm or fatal injury to your dog, it is about the safety of human occupants as well. You owe it to yourself, your passengers and your beloved pet to make everyonefts journey as safe as possible. Why choose MIM Safe Variocage? MIM Safe Variocage is the only cage on the market today that has been crash tested for performance in front, rear, and rollover collisions. It has even been subjected to a drop test that simulates a vehicle rollover. The crash tests were conducted by the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. In all cases, the Variocage outperformed all other cages on the market and met or exceeded the safety standards applied by the testing organization. MIM Safe Variocage is adjustable. You can adjust to compensate for differences in vehicle cargo areas. This can be a great advantage if you need to change vehicles. Variocage includes a built-in key lock for security. Pet owners also have the ability to secure the cage with a padlock. MIM Safe Variocage features an escape hatch. This very important feature allows you to remove your dog from the vehicle after a collision in the event the cage or vehicle hatch will not open or if your keys are unavailable. How does the MIM Safe Variocage compare to other dog cages? The MIM Safe Variocage is constructed of steel with telescopic tubes and two individual parts for the floor and roof, which allows for adjustment of the cage length. This adjustable feature also benefits crash safety by working with the vehiclefts crumple zone. In a rear-end collision, the floors, ceilings and the telescopic tubes will be pushed together. This reduces the risk of injury for all vehicle passengers in“ canine and human. When MIM Safe crash tested a regular steel cage with a solid frame, it broke the back seat. The MIM Safe Variocage has a crumple zone just like the car, which means that it will deform in“ just like your vehicle will in“ in reaction to a severe impact. This feature allows the rear seat to remain intact reducing the risk of injury to humans. The MIM Safe Variocage also reduces the risk of injury to your dog because it is designed to minimize puncture wounds and lacerations from the cage material. The structural integrity of Variocage prevents your dog from becoming a dangerous flying object, being thrown from the vehicle or escaping after an accident. The escape hatch allows you to easily remove your dog from the cage in the event that the rear cargo door cannot be opened. In the above photo, taken shortly after an accident, the vehicle has been heavily damaged and the driver was taken to the hospital, but the dog traveling in the MIM Safe Variocage survived in perfect health. MIM Safe Variocage offers the highest level of safety Over the past twenty years, MIM Construction AB has designed and manufactured over 350 crash tested automotive safety products that are effective in reducing the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets. MIM has gained extensive experience and knowledge from hundreds of crash tests where MIM designs and products have been utilized. Variocage is based on MIMfts experience in the production of auto safety products and accessories. Variocage incorporates the same crumple zone engineering principles used by automobile manufacturers to reduce the potentially devastating impact of a serious collision. Single cage provides plenty of space The Variocage Single is safe and very practical. It is designed to provide protection while leaving sufficient space for other cargo. Crumple Zone In a rear-end collision, the cage will compress in a controlled manner, just like the crumple zones of the car. This prevents the rear seat-back from being penetrated or pushed forward by the cage, thus minimizing the risk of damage to both the passengers and the dog. Escape Hatch If you are unable to open the Variocage front door, the escape hatch can be used. With a few simple steps, you can easily remove your dog. MIM Variocage products have undergone exhaustive and stringent tests performed by the following U.S. and International Safety Testing Organizations. MIM Three (3) Year Warranty 4in—4 North America, Inc (the exclusive North American distributor of Variocages handles all warranties. Warranties of all MIM Construction products is in effect for Three (3) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls or impacts. Pet Pro Supply Company & 4×4 North America Warranty Terms & Conditions