Petique Feline Chin¢teau Cat House


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Petique Feline Chin¢teau Cat House is the perfect place for your feline friends to roam around like royalty. Petiquefts cardboard pet houses are designed to reduce stress and anxiety, which is why cats are naturally drawn to their eco-friendly cardboard cat houses. Made of compressed, recycled cardboard that is strong enough to accommodate several cats, youftll be treating the planet like royalty as well. Your furry friends will be looking good, feline good, with multiple scratch boards inside the Chin¢teau. As if thatfts not PAWsitevely amazing, did we mention itfts non-toxic and easy to build? Your feline companion well be purrring with satisfaction. Petiquefts cardboard and paper products are sourced responsibly from a Forest Stewardship Council accredited supplier, which ensures most minimum negative impact to our environment. While they are manufactured in Taiwan, they are always tested and inspected in the USA. Petique works with an accredited and prestigious USA testing facility. They hold their products to the highest of standards and use premium materials. Features 100% eco-friendly materials to protect your pets and the planet Easy assembly – No tools required Sustainable Non-toxic Long lasting Compostable Biodegradable Light weight and extremely sturdy Big enough to accommodate several cats or small dogs Cardboard is recycled and compressed to form strong panels Helps exert excess energy so your cats will feel less restless and act out Relieves natural tendencies like grooming their claws and aggression Reduces stress/anxiety and helps them relax 5 scratchboards Care Instructions For pets only Keep in a dry area Do not rinse or wash, the cardboard will warp and soften Do not expose to heat or open flame Place the product on a leveled floor or ground for stability Do not allow children to climb or play inside the house to prevent possible danger Pat dry when wet Dimensions