PetLift Grooming Tub Hair Traps


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PetLift Hair Trap We carry three (3) different PetLift Hair Traps. Smartway Basic Hair Interceptor The 625 Hair Trap prevents clogging P-traps and sewer pipes. Patent-pending drain assembly that features a revolutionary clean out cylinder that traps the hair and easily lifts out from the top of the drain for convenient cleaning. Easy installation eliminates the trouble of crawling under tubs to clean messy traps and costly plumbing bills. Fits standard drains: 3-1/4. The width is 1-1/4. While we cannot guarantee that this item will fit any drain, it is designed fit the Petlift drain. Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor The 660C is Plumbing Certified by IAPMO under the Sanitary codes for installations requiring certifications. The NEW Wide Mouth Hair Interceptor provides greater volume and large capacity benefits to remove hair, fur and debris from your waste system. It protects and keeps your septic or public water systems running smoothly. This system provides easy access to the Wide Mouth Cylinder inside your bathing tub. Unit can be easily emptied in seconds. Watts Hair Trap A sophisticated hair trap, which stops the hair clog before it becomes an expensive time consuming problem. Nickel plated cylindrical strainer within the hair interceptor has 11/8 openings and provides a free flow area four times the area of the line. Readily accessible for hair removal with plumbing wrench to remove bottom seal plate. PetLift Comprehensive Multi-Year Warranty Petlift warrants to original buyer its products to be made of the finest quality materials free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and to perform the service for which they were intended in a thoroughly reliable and efficient manner, when properly installed, maintained and cared for. Warranty Details Stainless steel animal baths and wet tables : 10 Years Warranty for leakage and rust. Table frames on all electric and hydraulics : 5 Year Warranty Table tops : 1 Year W arranty, Hydraulic pumps and electric components : 2 Year Warranty Cages : 2 Year Warranty