Shor-Line Lightweight Cage Floor


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Pets will love this soft, flexible cage flooring. Flexible PVC flooring lifts the pet off the cage floor by providing a smooth, cushioned surface that is easy to clean yet comfortable to the pet. Product Features: Two-layer grid provides a sturdy floor. Sits a little more than ½in off the cage floor. Smooth floor texture resists fur snags, making the pet more comfortable. Made from 100% Virgin PVC that inhibits growth of bacteria Resists most acids, alkaline, and oils so it will work with common veterinary and shelter cleaning practices. Features excellent sound absorption properties. Lifts easily for cleaning and hosing downin¦no heavy floors to lift. Comes in Standard Blue. For Double Door cages, you will need to select two identical pieces so that the divider (if one exists) will slide easily through the cage. For example, a 48W Double Door cage will require two pieces marked to fit a 48W Double Door cage. If you ordered two pieces designed to fit a 24W cage, then the divider would not slide through correctly. SPECS: Available to fit standard Shor-Line cage sizes. The product will arrive cut to fit the ordered size. It will rest up against the cage sides and front. Note: all Shor-Line cages are 28¼inD.