Shor-Line Stainless Steel 5ft Cage Assembly – Option A


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The classic Shor-Line cage continues to set the standard for Stainless Steel animal housing. This 5ft Stainless Steel cage assembly features two levels with four 30W x 30H cages, which is our most popular cage size. It comfortably houses cats or smaller dogs. All Shor-Line cages are 28¼D. Product Features: Crafted from Type 304 Stainless Steel. Every part of the cage features heavy gauge Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel 1-square tube frame provides extra strength. One-piece door made with welds at every intersection. Tighter spacing near the latch keeps curious paws away. One piece of Stainless Steel makes up the cage sides. Rounded corners make cage cleaning easy. Patented quiet-closing polymer-encased Stainless Steel hinge operates smoothly and quietly. (U.S. Patent #7,805,808) Fluid-retaining lip keeps fluids contained. Durable, sound-dampening latch has Acetal bushings. Sound-dampening patches keep noise down. Product Specifications: 5ft Cage Assembly, Stainless Steel – Option A Top Row: 2- 30W x 30H cages Bottom Row: 2- 30W x 30H cages Total Measurements: 5ft 1/8 x 5ft 0 Cage Dimensions: Exterior: Top: 30W x 30H per cage Bottom: 30W x 30H per cage Interior: Top: 27.75W x 27.75H Bottom: 27.75W x 27.75H Floor Space: Top: 784 sq. in. Bottom: 784 sq. in. Cage Body : Crafted from 22-gauge, Type 304 Stainless Steel with a satin finish. Our exclusive two-piece manufacturing process minimizes the number of welded seams. Less welds means more durable, stronger and longer-lasting cages. All kennels have a front retention lip to keep fluids inside as well as sound dampening patches on all four sides to reduce noise from vibration. Stainless Steel Tube Frame : Cage frames are constructed of heavy-duty, 20-gauge, 1in square Stainless Steel tube that provides optimum strength and keeps the cage opening square at all times. Fully Rounded Corners : Smooth, rounded coves transition the back and all internal cage sides for cleaning ease and sanitation. One Piece Stainless Steel Door Frame : Latch and frame bars are 3/8in-diameter, additional horizontal bars are ¼in-diameter, vertical rods are 3/16in-diameter spaced on 1-3/16in centers and 5/8in centers near latch for additional staff safety. All intersections of horizontal and vertical rods are welded, providing incredible strength. Loops on the door prevent paper, pads or towels from sliding out the front of the cage. Tight corners help prevent gaps that could cause paw injuries. Electropolishing is the final process, resulting in a smooth and professional finish that looks great and is easy to clean. Industry Leading Latch : 11-gauge Stainless Steel, self-locking with dual latch points. Acetal bushings provide smooth operation and sound-dampening qualities. Can open the door with a forearm, allowing both hands to stay on the animal. Hole in the bottom allows for a lock. Patented Hinge System : Allows for easy door removal without tools and a quiet smooth swing, all while keeping the door square. Constructed of 14-gauge austenitic stainless steel that is encapsulated by an injected molded, fiberglass reinforced nylon 6/6 thermoplastic polymer. Through intensive product testing, it has been proven to last for decades. All doors are ambidextrous, allowing right or left-hand latching. Trim Hardware : Solid Stainless Steel with rounded cornersin”no sharp edges or points. This helps prevent injuries to animals and/or staff.