VELAB Trinocular Inverted Microscope w/ Phase Contrast Kit


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Professional inverted microscope with phase contrast emphasizes cellular outlines and internal structure to meet research needs. Ideal for different samples containers such as cultivationbottles, Petri dishes and microplates. Ideal for cell cultures observation without previous preparation, activity and growth monitoring, as well as of biologics production and quality control (vaccines, medicines, sera, antisera and/ or reagents). Its trinocular head allows the adaptation of digital devices (not included) for imaging and video documentation. Product Specifications: EYEPIECES PL 10X/22mm with rubber eyecups and ± 5 mm diopter adjustment in both eyepieces. HEAD Trinocular Siedentopf type, 45° inclined with interpupillary distance adjustment between 50 in“ 75 mm / 1.96in- 2.95in. NOSEPIECE Quintuple inverted nosepiece with anti-slip ring and click-stops. OBJECTIVES 4X, 10X, 20XPH and 40X (S), infinity corrected plan achromatic optics, metallic finish and color ring for easy identification. STAND Stative, robust and reinforced with epoxy paint finish. STAGE Fixed, 9.84in x 8.46in, removable mechanical stage and able to expand the stage. CONDENSER N.A. 0.3 long working distance. DIAPHRAGM Iris. FOCUSING Coarse and fine anti-slip control knob and tension adjustment. ILUMINATION 5W LED with variable intensity control. Energy saving button. The light source will shut down after 30 minutes of userfts absent. POWER SUPPLY 110-240V, 50/60 Hz, AC Adapter. Accessories included: Power cord. Dust cover. Allen key (2) Telescope focusing eyepiece. 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X lamella or phase contrast. Transparent glass for central stage. Mechanical stage. Support for 35mm petri dishes. Metallic central stage. Stage extension. 10-years limited warranty