Watchdog Security Pet Door – Locking Cover – White


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The best way to secure a pet door is with a Watchdog Security Locking Pet Door Cover. Are you worried about the security of your home with an unsecured pet door, or worse, have you avoided installing a pet door because of the possible security risk? Watchdog Security Pet Doors has developed an answer. You will never have to worry about the security of your pet door again. This product is a heavy-duty 12-gauge steel frame and cover with a combination lock that goes OVER your existing pet door, on the outside of your home. When you want your pet to have access, the Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover can be left open. When you want security, the steel door can be closed and the combination lock engaged. Now your pet door is secure and no longer a security risk. Simple! Please Note: The Watchdog Locking Pet Door Cover does not come with a pet door . It goes over an existing pet door, to secure it. The images showing a pet door with the Watchdog Security cover are only to demonstrate how well the cover works with existing pet doors. Please note also that Watchdog Security Covers DO NOT work with pet doors built into sliding glass door inserts – only wall- or door-mount pet doors. Choose your installation type from the menu when purchasing. Key Features Currently available ONLY in white; the cover can be easily painted over to match a wall or door. The combination lock is set by you to a unique security code. Donftt forget it! Therefts no way to unlock this steel cover without that code. There is a special version with special bolting hardware for installation on a (human) door and another version for installation on a wall. The Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover is securely fastened with heavy hardware designed for door or wall use. A durable UV powder coated finish resists scratching, rust, and the elements. When you want your pet to have access, you leave this security door open. You have a choice of opening directions. Left means that the hinges are on the left when outside looking at the security door. Right means that the hinges are on the right side. However, this neat design allows you to lift the steel cover off its hinges when the door is open so you can set it aside entirely. When the door is closed, the cover hinges are locked in place by the steel frame. Watchdog Pet Door Locking Cover Installation Guide Note that Watchdog recommends that the door be bolted onto the outside (not the inside) of your door or wall for a few reasons: Mounted outside, the potential intruder is immediately confronted with a steel barrier and is likelier to not even attempt anything. Those bolts, by the way, canftt be removed from the outside. The outside of a wall is typically much stronger than the drywall interior side. Itfts better to have something sturdy to bolt into. Of course, if you can hit the studs from the inside thatfts going to be sturdy as well. Because of the typical locking cover on the inside of the pet door, more clearance is needed for the steel door. There may not be enough room for an inside install. Watchdog Security Pet Door Comes In 3 Sizes: Large Door – Interior Flap of 11 X 17 1/2 with an Exterior Frame of 15 1/2 X 21 1/2 and 1/2 Depth X-Large Door – Interior Flap of 12 X 24 with an Exterior Frame of 16 1/2 X 28 and 1/2 Depth XX-Large Door – Interior Flap of 16 X 26 with an Exterior Frame of 20 1/2 X 30 and 1/2 Depth