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PacDog Control Systems

PacDog Training System

The Pac Dog nDXT+ 1km range Remote Trainer enables the handler simply and accurately to address his dog with an appropriate correction, according to his misdemeanor. Without the dog realize that the correction is coming from his collar. The dog needs to think that the tone/vibration or level of correction with his trainer’s voice command or whistle is warning him of something “out there” which he needs to avoid, the correction is startling enough to get his attention and make his return to the handler for praise and attention.

Ideal for all types of persistent problems:

– Dogs running away or being wilfully ‘deaf’ to recall

– Chasing farm stock and other animals

– Chasing cars, joggers, walkers, cyclists, postmen, etc.PacDog Training System

– Jumping up on people or stealing food

– Dogs pulling on the lead

– Gundogs ‘running’ in or being over-enthusiastic


Kit contents

  • 1 X Rechargeable n DXT+ Handset (transmitter)
  • 1 X Handset Charging Cradle CHG8 & 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x Adjustable safety lanyard (avoids damage or loss)
  • Neon tester
  • 1 x Fast 2 hr Collar Charger CHG9 & 1 x USB CHG12 Power supply
    (for multi-dog kits extra CHG9 & CHG12 USB Power supplies need to be purchased separately)
  • Operating Guide
  • Training Guide
  • Smaller diameter probes (with spanner) for thick-coated breeds.
  • Standard rounded probes – fitted to the collar on despatch.
  • Carry Case

-Spare set of Probes – for thick-coated breeds.


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