Blue-9 KLIMB Conditioning Kit


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EXERCISE YOUR DOGftS BODY AND MIND Teach foundation skills Improve body awareness Increase strength and flexibility Build the bond with your dog The KLIMB Canine Conditioning Kit includes: One KLIMB One set of 4 Safety Plugs The Canine Conditioning Kit Video (delivered as a USB thumb drive) Running time: 8 minutes with around 30 NEW exercises! Follow along with Jamie as she shows you ways to incorporate the KLIMB into your daily routine with your pup. Learn new exercises with the KLIMB to improve your dogfts coordination, strength, balance, and focus! The video provides an overview of different exercises to teach body awareness and increase strength and flexibility while utilizing the KLIMB. These skills will help your dog excel in their selected activities. Whether you are interested in conditioning your canine athlete or weekend warrior, the KLIMB Canine Conditioning Kit will help you reach your goals. Select the activity your dog needs on a daily basis by working their body and mind, whether you are indoors or outside.