Booster Bath Elevated Home Pet Wash Tub


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No more dogs in your shower or bathtub! No more chasing dogs with a hose through the back yard! Bathe your dogs easily and conveniently at home. The Booster Bath includes a 3-point adjustable leash restraint system with adjustable collar that will keep your dog, big or small, comfortably contained at bath time. 3/8 inch thick rubberized non-slip mat means no more stressful slipping and sliding. 1 inch diameter 5-foot drain hose allows you to wash in one area and discharge water in another, you stay dry. Booster Bath and legs are 1/4 inch thick and are produced from 100% virgin UV stabilized Poly Propylene. This makes it great for use indoors or outdoors, but also means it durable and long lasting. The elevated height of the tub gives you 360 degrees of reach while standing, allowing you to thoroughly wash your dog easy and fast . No more slow, backbreaking effort just to bathe your dog. The Booster Bath spray nozzle has an on/off dial to control water flow and hooks handily on the rim of the tub for quick retrieval. Dial a gentle flow for eyes and face and brisk heavy flow for the rest of the body. The roomy shampoo caddy holds large shampoo, conditioner, and brush. This means no more chasing the shampoo bottle. Rubber grips attached to the bottom of the legs keep Booster Bath from slipping as your dog enters or exits. The light weight and portability of the 2-piece quick snap tub and legs make storage and set up easy and convenient. The UV stabilized Poly Propylene means it can be used or stored inside or outside, works great in the garage, the basement, the laundry room, or even the yard. Use the Booster Bath tub with one or more dogs. The Bathtub comes in 3 sizes: Medium, Large and XL. It is available in 4 colors * : Teal, Lilac, Red, and Pink *The XL only comes in Teal Help your small or older dog up to the Booster Bath with the light and portable Booster Bath Step (sold separately). The steps support up to 150 lbs and can also be used with your car, couch, or bed. Easily add it to your order by checking the box for the Step before adding the Booster Bath to your cart. Remember that proper pet grooming is an important part of your dogfts health and should not be ignored. Observing and maintaining your dogfts hygiene will ensure he or she receives more love, hugs, and attention. Improve and maintain your dogfts hygiene with Americafts greatest home dog bathing system, the Booster Bath! Key Features: 3- Point adjustable leash restraint system Fan spray nozzle with a control dial Roomy shampoo caddy 3/8 thick rubberized non-slip mat 1 diameter directional 5ft drain hose Made with 1/4 100% durable virgin UV stabilized Poly Propylene Rubber grips on the bottom of legs keep tub stationary 2 piece quick-snap tub and quick-snap legs Durable, lightweight, and portable 360° access for easy bathing and drying Great for indoor or outdoor usage Open entry for easy access Size Medium Large XL Tub Dimensions 33 L x 16.75 W x 10 D 45 L x 21.25 W x 15 D 50 L x 21.25 W x 15 D Leg Height 23 19 19 Total Height 33 32.25 32.25 Max. Weight Capacity 75 lbs 125 lbs 175 lbs Leg Foot Print 27 x 41 27 x 48 26 x 47 Shipping weight 15.55 lbs 21 lbs 27 lbs