PlexiDor Performance Awning for Pet Doors


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The Plexidor Pet Door Awning is intended to help shelter the pet door from wind, rain, snow and sun. The awning is intended for use on wall installations as well as door installations. Note that for a door install it is important to be sure that the awning protruding nearly 2 feet will not bang into anything as you open the door. Available in 3 sizes: Small: 12 Wide X 8 Deep Medium: 16 Wide x 12 Deep Large/X-Large: 23 1/4 Wide x 16 5/8 Deep Available in 2 colors of anodized aluminum: White Bronze (very dark brown) The Plexidor awning may be used in connection with any pet door in addition to the Plexidor line of pet doors. We suggest that a pet door with a flap dimension no wider than 16 would benefit most from the awning.