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PlexiDor Dog Door for Doors – Insulated Pet & Cat Door. Secure Locking Installation for Household Exterior Door, Front/Back Door, or Interior Doors. The PlexiDor Dog Door for Doors is one of the highest quality self-framing pet doors on the market. These professional-grade pet doors are designed to be built into any solid or hollow core doors (0 to 1 3/4in thick). What is truly unique about PlexiDor Performance is the nearly indestructible pet door panels, which are made from shatter resistant dual-thermo pane acrylic. There is no other pet door that can match the quality, durability, or security of a PlexiDor Performance Door Mounted Pet Door. Plexidor Household Door Pet Door – Key Features Versatile , Installs Through Any Kind of Household Door Material Door units were designed to install into any kind of standard household doors made wood, fiberglass, steel and even glass ( *Note: glass installations generally require special glass to be cut by a glazier). Easiest Door for Any Pet, Big or Small PlexiDor Performance see-through K9 composite panels swing open from the sides like old style saloon doors. They are uniquely designed to open very easily with a gentle push, making it the best pet door for homes with tiny and/or large pets. The panels then quietly swing closed by themselves, thanks to built-in heavy duty springs so your pets will never get scared. Built to Last The panels are made from a special K9 composite which resists damage from sunlight, extreme temperature, and heavy impact. Both exterior and interior frames are made from a heavy duty anodized aluminum, which is durable enough to prevent rust, bending, cracking, and warping. The corners are reinforced to keep their shapes even after years of heavy use. This is all backed by a 10 Year Warranty. Best Looking Pet Door for Any Home The frames also come in three beautiful finishes that look great in any home. This includes a baked-on white or bronze, or an anodized silver (a similar finish to stainless steel appliances in your home). Highest Energy Efficiency to Save on Energy Bills Each PlexiDor is made of dual thermo-pane panels, which are also lined with a high-density, nylon pile weather seal. This industrial-grade seal wraps tightly around all four edges for superior draft control. This means that no matter where you are in the United States, in the middle of a winter blizzard or desert heat wave, your Plexidor is there saving you money. Extra Secure to Keep Your Dog In, and Unwanted Critters Out For everyday use, the medium, large, and XL size PlexiDors have a key lock, while the small size has a 4-way manual lock. For extended periods away from home, sizes Medium and up also include a heavy duty 20-gauge steel locking security plate cover that fastens to the inside of the pet door with four bolts for a very secure lock. Keeps Water Out Each wall unit includes a sturdy anondized aluminum tunnel to connect the interior and exterior frames. Unlike cheaper pet doors, the unique design of the Plexidor tunnel is slopes outward to keep water out. Proudly manufactured in the USA! EXTRA Protection from the Elements (Optional) T he PlexiDor Awning (sold separately) can be added to any PlexiDor. Not only does it prevent rain, sun, snow and wind from entering through the pet door, it makes the door quieter and easier to use in harsh weather conditions. Plexidor Door Mounted Pet Doors – Sizing Information Need help finding the best size? Call or e-mail us and weftll help you find the right size for your cat or dog! We recommend using our max weight to determine the best pet door size. However, if your cat or dog is right at a recommended maximum weight, then it would be best to measure them from the ground to the top of the shoulders. If you are measuring, it is important to keep in mind the following: Cats and dogs will both duck their heads and lift their feet to go through a door. For homes with large and small pets, a PlexioDor will open easily enough for smaller pets to use larger pet doors. Almost every door will be installed a few inches above ground level. Generally this is anywhere 2 to 14 depending on the height of the smallest cats/dogs is. With this in mind, it is best to make sure that the top of the Opening Dimensions are about 2 above the the shoulders of your largest dog. Click on the Sizing & Measuring tab for even more details on how to measure the right size for your pet. You can also see our Printable PlexiDor Sizing & Measuring PDF File Here Door Size Max Weight Flap Dimensions (W x H) Outside Rough Cut Hole* (W x H) Overall (W x H) Small Dogs up to 9 lbs Cats up to 24 lbs 6.5 x 7.25 8.5 x 8.5 10 x 10 Medium Dogs up to 40 lbs 9 x 12 11.5x 13.5 13.75 x 15.5 Large Dogs up to 100 lbs 11.75 x 16 14.25 x 17.75 16.5 x 19.25 Extra Large Dogs up to 220 lbs 16 x 23.75 18 x 25 20.5 x 26.75 *Note: The Inside Rough Cut Hole will be a slightly smaller dimension than the outside. Key Features Door units are framed to fit a standard exterior house door Includes an aluminum tunnel that connects the interior and exterior frame Never purchase replacement flaps again Highest energy efficiency Door opens and close easily Heavy duty hardened aluminum frame See through shatter resistant K9 Composite panel Proudly manufactured in the USA 5-Year residential warranty PlexiDor 10 Year Warranty PlexiDor Performance Pet Door is designed with the highest quality material. All manually opened PlexiDor pet doors are covered by a 10 year limited residential warranty. Any defective part will be repaired or replaced without expense to the customer (including standard shipping service) for 10 years from date of purchase. PlexiDor Pet Door Warranty Details – Printer Friendly Version Product Details Manufacturer – Plexidor Your Maximum Pet Size – Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs Climate Suitability – Temperate-3 Season Wind Resistance – Average Sealing Value – High Self-Framing – Yes Frame Material – Heavy Extruded Aluminum Insulation Value – High Flap Material – Acrylic Flap Design – Single, Two Part , Rigid, Insulated Flap Flap Colors – Tinted Clear Flap Thickness – 3/8in Replacement Flaps Available – Yes Ability to Lock Flap – Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Front, Built-In 2-Way Locking Locking Cover Material – Steel Can Be Installed In – Aluminum Door, Steel Door , Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door, Hollow Core Door, Metal Door Warranty Period – 5 years limited