Critter Tunnel Sleep and Play House


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Petiquefts Critter Tunnel is an excellent way to satisfy your small pets natural tunneling instinct while promoting play and exploration. Watch as your small pets chase each other in and out of the tunnel, have play-fights at the openings, and use them to lure and ambush! After an exhausting playtime, they can relax and nap on the soft and comfy fabric. Features Comfort, security & a great place to cuddle Provides comfortable and fun environment. Tunnel provides security for cats to play, nestle, and cuddle in Keeps pets busy Designed to give your pet a sense of security Durable fabric to resist scratching Care Instructions Machine washable (gentle machine wash with laundry wash bag), delicate cycle and tumble dry on no heat Do not bleach Keep away from heat or open flame Dimensions 27.95 X 27.95 X 9.44