Double K ChallengAir 850 Stand Dryer


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The Double K CHALLENGAIR 850 High-Velocity Stand Dryer is the most effective and versatile dryer on the market. The CHALLENGAIR 850 has no heating element due to the inœflowin‘thruin motor configuration. The air is warmed by the operational heat of the motor, which saves electricity and produces heat up to 45 degrees above room temperature. The high-velocity air in concert with the inœAir Sweepin nozzle will blow the water from the animalsft coat and dry them faster. The CHALLENGAIR 850 Animal Dryer offers great versatility using the assorted nozzles for the desired effect. The stand model can function as a conventional inœFluffin dryer, forced air dryer or cage dryer at the operatorfts discretion. Key Features : Twistin‘on hoses and nozzles included in a two-year warranty Powerful air volume – motors produce up to 248 cfm. Sound damping foam lining reduces dryer noise. Super Tough Cross Link Polyethylene Dryer Body and virtually indestructible. Dryer housing is easy to clean Easy to clean filters. Airgonomic ™ Nozzle System – Sweeps Away Excess Water High-Velocity Dryer No Heating Element uses flow-thru heat from Motor to warm Air Two years limited warranty parts and labor. Options* Portable models available . inœXLin model produces 15% more air volume. Regular 2 speed or variable (dial control) speed. IMPORTANT: Do not use variable control with a power inverter system. Specifications: 850 Stand Dryer: Housing color – Blue 2-Speed or Variable Speed 115 Volt 12.98 Amps 1493 Watts 204 CFM Black Over Blue 6 Ft Hose 850 XL Stand Dryer: Housing color – Blue 2-Speed or Variable Speed 115 Volt 17.72 Amps 2038 Watts 248CFM Black Over Blue 6 Ft Hose 850 Dryer User Manual Attachments List: Part # Description 825in‘6, 825in‘8 Hose 1 1/2 Black on Blue 6 ft. 2079 1 1 / 2 in Airgonomic™ Nozzle Body 2079in‘H Airgonomic™ Nozzle Handle 2079in‘TSHV Airgonomic™ Super High-Velocity Tip 2079-TAS Airgonomic Air Sweep Nozzle Tip 2079in‘THV Airgonomic High-Velocity Nozzle Tip 890 Arm Extension Nozzle 5523 Hose Clamp for the Arm Extension Nozzle 892 Arm Extension 894 1 1/2 Hose End for the Cage Adapter & Air Diffuser 802 2 1/2 Air Diffuser 555 Knobs for the Arm Extension 849 Knob, 850 Y-Bar to Housing 887 Mounting Fork, 850 Y-Bar 7037 Inner & Outer Tube Assy. 9023 Stand Base 7064 Caster 3.5 Rubber Wheel 9022 Locking Caster (prior to 12/13) 7063 Caster 3.5 Rubber Locking Wheel 9021 Caster (prior to 12/13) Double K Industries 2-Year Limited Warranty Guarantees – The Challengair 850 dryer is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the original date of purchase. Should any component become inoperative due to defects in materials or workmanship during the two year warranty period, Double K will repair the dryer *FREE OF CHARGE subject to some limitations.