DRE OptiVac G180 AC/DC Portable Suction Unit


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The new OptiVac G180 AC/DC Portable Suction Unit is the second generation OptiVac in the industry-leading Gomco line of portable suction equipment. Advanced features include: compact design, ease of operation, rechargeable battery, AC power supply, and fully-enclosed unit. This suction pump is great for Veterinary use. Key Features: Battery gauge on front of the unit 25-550 mm Hg vacuum range, coupled with greater than 30 lpm flow, provides powerful suction for faster aspiration Sealed water-resistant unit is easy to clean, and minimizes potential contamination or damage to the compressor and battery Control panel at an angle for easy viewing Quality-engineered thermoplastic provides impact resistance and durability Run time operation on fully-charged battery for approximately 3 hours at maximum vacuum. Fully chargeable in 8 hours Will run on AC power even with a low battery Will run for approximately 1 hour after being charged for just 2 hours 1 hour of portable suction equals 3 hours of charging Ability to use the machine while charging Long-life rechargeable battery eliminates the need for frequent replacement Warranty: 3 year on the unit 1 year on the battery SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Weight: 11.4 lbs with internal power Dimensions: 9.4H x 7.5W x 16.8L Vacuum Vacuum Range: 25-550 mm Hg Vacuum Flow: >30 lpm Battery Battery: Rechargeable lead acid Battery Life (at maximum vacuum): 3 hours at 550 mm Hg Battery Charge Time: Full charge in 8 hours Battery Depleted (unit automatically shuts off): Yes Bad Battery Sensor: 5 red LEDs Battery Change Status: Indicator lights General Remote/Internal AC Charger: Internal Charging Circuit Capable of Running on Low Battery: Yes Collection Canister: 1500 ml AC Operation: 110-230 volts, 50/60 Hz DC Operation: 12 volt DC battery Classified per UL 60601-1 and U.L.C. Replacement of Filters Filter will turn purple when occluded Change filter when this occurs Filter does not need to be changed after every animal procedure Do not clean filters Filter will stop working upon getting wet