DRE Schuco-Vac 130 Aspirator


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The Schuco-Vac 130 Aspirator has bacteria and hydrophobic filters. The regulator assembly has been replaced with a bacteria filter, eliminating the cap and float assembly. This filter will prevent fluids and other contaminants from damaging the pump. This durable unit continues to meet the need for controlled vacuum regulation from 0 up to 22 Hg with a flow rate of 28 lpm. Key Features Bacteria filter prevents contaminant damage Vibration-free, easy to read regulator gauge Wire basket accommodates a variety of canisters Quick-connect tubing for all connections Hydrophobic filter eliminates head flooding, the most common cause of pump damage Includes 1 Filter, 1 800cc canister, 1 tubing set 2 year manufacturerfts warranty SPECIFICATIONS: Vacuum Regulation: From 0 to 22 Hg with a flow rate of 28 lpm