FitPAWS Safety Harness


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The FitPAWS Safety Harness is a professional-quality canine harness designed for use with the FitPAWS product line. We recommend your dog to wear a safety harness you can hold onto, while your dog is exercising on top of the Peanut. The harness can also help keep your dog positioned on the Balance Disc and Donut. Manage Your Dogs Movement Helps Prevent Injuries While Training Applies Support to Key Areas The FitPAWS Safety Harness features two adjustable straps of high-strength nylon webbing for a customized fit. The girth strap also features a safety release. The molded rubberized ergonomic handle* is lightweight but provides a firm grip so you can comfortably manage your dogfts movement, help guide it atop the ball or help guide it down once youftve finished training. FitPAWS Safety Harness Features: Machine Washable, Delicate Lay Flat to Dry 2 Adjustable Straps to Customize Fit FitPAWS Safety Harness Measurements: Size Girth Measurement* Mediumin¦in¦in¦in¦.(76-86cm girth/30-34in girth) Smallin¦in¦in¦in¦in¦in¦(66-76cm girth/26-30in girth) Extra-Smallin¦in¦..(53-61cm girth/21-24in girth) 2X-Smallin¦in¦in¦in¦(46-53cm girth/18-21in girth) 3X-Smallin¦in¦in¦..(36-46 cm girth/14-18in girth) To measure girth, use a soft fabric measuring tape. Measure your dog around the chest, just behind the front legs, while standing position. Two adjustable straps help customize the harness for your dogfts body.