Garmin BarkLimiter 2VT


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On-collar Technology Detects and Deters Unwanted Barking Dogs bark. Thatfts just a given. But to help curb and correct nuisance barking from your pet, Garmin has developed the new, improved BarkLimiter 2VT. It uses accelerometer-based bark identification to distinguish between repetitive barking and other sounds. Then it corrects bad barking behavior with on-collar vibration and/or tone prompts. Works right out of the box to help deter nuisance barking in” with up to 30-day life on rechargeable battery¹ Offers on-collar vibration and tone corrections; select either or both Slim, convenient form factor of collar device fits comfortably on dogs of all sizes Works with the Garmin Canine™ app on your smartphone² to let you adjust settings and review bark correction data Use with the included black strap, or easily snap onto your dogfts existing collar (up to 1in wide and up to 0.12in thick) Coaching From a Dog Collar The slim, lightweight BarkLimiter 2VT device attaches comfortably to your dogfts collar and senses throat vibrations to virtually eliminate false corrections from external noises such as the barking of other dogs nearby. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery keeps the power coming in” and the on-collar corrections working in” for weeks at a time. Control with Your Smartphone BarkLimiter 2VT comes ready to go right out of the box and works with the free Garmin Canine app on your compatible smartphone or tablet². Youftll use the app to set up your BarkLimiter 2VT device and enable your phone or tablet to serve as a wireless component for your system. The app lets you remotely turn the collar devicefts vibration and tone prompts on or off. Plus, you can also review bark history data to see what times of day your dog tends to trigger corrections. Results-based Bark Correction By introducing a signal that interrupts habitual or repetitive behaviors, the BarkLimiter 2VT collar device offers an effective, pet-friendly way of encouraging your dog to stop excessive barking. Its vibration and tone prompts call attention to unwanted behavior with a harmless deterrent signal that your dog can easily understand. For your own visual reference, a status LED light on the device indicates battery life, bark detection and correction.