Isolux Variable Xenon Power Supply 900 in“ 1500w (IL-2234)


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Variable 1500w Xenon Power Supply Built in the USA The Isolux IL-2234 1500w Xenon Power Supply is a universal input, power factor corrected, current and power regulated power supply adjustable from 40 to 75 Amps. With a voltage range from 12 to 24 VDC, it provides a single source for powering any Xenon lamp from 900 to 1500 watts. The state of the art Xenon Power Supply design provides for high technical performance in a compact unit. Its high efficiency (Greater than 85%) coupled with forced air cooling and a novel conductive cooling method provides for a much cooler operation than competitive 1500w Xenon power supply products (typically less than 55 °C heat sink maximum temperature). Thereby, providing for a much more reliable operation, even at high ambient temperatures. When used in conjunction with an Isolux Xenon Arc Lamp Module or Housing, it provides for a complete bench top Arc Lamp System for many applications. 1500w Variable Power Supply Features Features: Universal inputin”no jumpers needed Power factor corrected Unique power controls Works with all Xenon short arc lamps Built in circuit breaker Over temperature control Large operating rangein”900w to 1500 w The Applications for a 1500w Xenon Power Supply are ideal for use in the following environments: Medical and Endoscopy Surgical Procedures Photo Optic Lighting Fiber Optic Lighting Scientific Instrumentation Solar Simulation Spectroscopy Fluorescence Microscopy Industrial Illumination IsoLux Warranty Information Power Supply: Two (2) Years IL-2234 Variable 900w in“ 1500w Power Supply Specifications AC Input Voltage Range: 90 to 265 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz. Mains Input Current Max: 12.5 Amps @ 120 VAC Inrush Current: 35 Amps peak @ 120 VAC Power Factor: Greater than 0.95 AC Mains Harmonics: Meets EN 61000-3-2 Leakage Current: Less than 270 µA @ 120 VAC Safety Standards: Meets EN 60950, UL 1950 Efficiency: Greater than 85 % Protection: Circuit Breaker 15 A, Over-temp shutdown, Arc to Ground. Operating Temperature: 0 to 45 °C Two Displays: 3 ½ digits, displaying current with 0.1 Amps resolution & voltage with 0.1 volt resolution Weight & size: 25 lbs.; 6in H, 18in W, 17in D Operation Mode: DC, constant current regulation with max. power limit Current Output: Adjustable 40 to 75 Amps Output Voltage Range: 12 to 24 VDC Power Output Range: 900 to 1500 watts, adjustable Output Ripple and Noise: Less than 3 % Auxiliary Output: 12 VDC @ 1.2 Amp.