KittyWalk Grand Prix Outdoor Cat Enclosure


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This award winning circular system allows your indoor cat to safely navigate the great outdoors… up, down, around and around and around. Your cats will never get enough! The Grand Prix combines Kittywalkfts most versatile components: one Penthouse, 2 Sets Of 4 Curves and one T-Connect. Designed to allow your cats the ability to run uninterrupted to their heartsft content without having to stop at the end of the enclosure, turn around then run off again. The Kittywalk Grand Prix is great for either one cat or can comfortably accommodate two to three cats happily together at the same time. Like all Kittywalk enclosures, the Grand Prix can be moved from place to place without harming the landscape. Key Features: Completely enclosed Can be added to other units Solid steel & rip stop netting Travel bags included Dimensions: 86 x 70 x 5ft high at the Penthouse Weight: 80 lbs.