Lakeside Products Kane Whelping Box Heat Mat


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Provide the optimal temperature for your animals with Kanefts pet heat mats. Made of durable, easy to clean polyethylene, Kane mats provide a safe and consistent heating surface. Perfect for outdoor pens, kennels, garages, dog houses, whelping areas and veterinary clinics. NRTL, CSA/US approved. Kane heat mats include Kanefts HMT-350 Electronic Temperature Controller. This thermostatic control device is designed for safe and effective heat mat surface temperature management. The control allows users to select and maintain the ideal temperature for various species of animals. This state of the art controller will maintain any pre-selected temperature between 40° and 105°F. This controller incorporates several unique, self-activated safety mechanisms. High limit setting that self-activates relative to the pre-set point of 105°F. Lakesidefts Return Policy and Warranty