Owens Rubber Floor Mat for Dog Boxes


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Allow your dog to ride in their dog box comfortably. The rubber floor mats fit most Owens dog box double and triple sizes. Owens rubber floor mats provide comfort and more grip for your dog while they travel on the road. ONLY sold in pairs, one mat for each dog compartment of the dog box , except for the 55234 which is sold as a set of 3 for Triple Compartment Dog boxes. If you are looking for a rubber floor mat for an Owens single size dog box, find a floor mat with a corresponding length to your dog box. This will give you 2 mats that will fit in your single dog box. Product Details: Product Number: Fits Dog Box Sizes: Comes in: 55204 Fits 38W x 45L Boxes Pair 55205 Fits 48W x 45L Boxes Pair 55206 Fits 38W x 40L Boxes Pair 55207 Fits 46W x 45L Boxes Pair 55214 Fits 36W x 29L Boxes (55018) Pair 55228 Fits 48W x 36L Boxes Pair 55229 Fits 45W x 35L (55079) Pair 55234 Fits 55040/55053 Triple Compartment Set of 3