Prima Encore Bathing System


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Every Great Act deserves an Encore! Our Salon Bathing System is the big boy but not everyone needs to be able to wash 30 dogs a day. With the Encore Bathing System weftve got you covered! The Encore is our compact ready to go solution. We designed this system for those who only need to bath 1 dog per hour but still want the cleaning benefits of our HVLP based application process. The Encore is perfect for mobile Groomers, Veterinary Clinics, Kennels and Breeders. Each Encore Bathing System Includes HVLP Bathing Module (High-Volume Low-Pressure) Application Sprayer and Hose Adjustable and Flat Fan Nozzles 3.5 Gallon Solution Bucket 6.5 Gallon Solution Bucket Wall Mounting Hardware