Shor-Line Dryer Cage, Triple Unit


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The Triple Unit combines two cages on the top with a dryer cage underneath. Shor-Linefts patented heat-free drying method provides the fluffy, speedy drying time without risk of burns and dehydration. It features two high-volume fans placed on opposite ends of the assembly. The air flow lifts and dries the petfts coat while removing the loose undercoat. Product features: The housing unit has two 22W x 25½H cages. The cage unit is made from molded polyethylene 3/16 thick. Fan guards at both ends protect paws from fan blades, and multi-speed setting let you decide how fast the airflow dries the coat. All fans are UL listed and have OSHA compliant guards. Rounded corners thorughout help prevent bacteria buildup. Fluid-retaining lip prevents urine or other leakage. Wide doors create easy animal entrance and exit. Includes removeable cage divider for drying/housing two smaller animals. Locking caster base provides portability and easy cleaning.