Shor-Line Elite Grooming Tub


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Shor-Linefts improved Elite Grooming Tub has premium features built in. It has durable tube frame construction, one piece-backsplash and adjustable feet you expect from a tub that lasts for decades. Product features: Sturdy tub construction with radiused corners along all the corners of the tub. (The ONLY on the market to do so!). 45° angles on the front edges add an element of safety and aesthetic appeal. Steps slide in and slide out with the touch of your foot, allowing you to keep your hands free. No bending down. Steps store beneath the tub to help prevent tripping. Slip-resistant tread on steps. PVC Coated Tub Floors have the option of a floor panel set upon the rails to raise the showering platform to an ergonomic showering level. Door is completely removable and features the hinges that are used on our cages. Door latch is easy to use and constructed of the same long lasting material as our hinges. Sliding restraint ring design allows dogs to be turned around in the tub without detaching the safety lead. Supply Caddy can be completely removed and 2 plugs are provided to close the mounting holes. (See picture.) Includes : Supply Caddy, 2 PVC Coated Tub Floor Panels, Hair Trap Drain Insert and Restraint Ring. Plumbing fixtures are not included.