Shor-Line Feline LS Exam Table


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The Feline Low-Stress Exam Table helps ease both cats and their pet parents during the exam. The large, oval table provides a warm welcome, letting the feline choose between staying in the carrier or roaming the table… and there is plenty of room for a laptop or chart. Feline LS Exam Table Features: Stylish table has 120 square inches of space for exam. The Stainless Steel top has fashion-forward, colorful edge that also reduces sharp edges as you ease around the table to keep the cat comfortable. There are two table options: The Blue-Line top has radiuses corners and is formed to hold up to a liter of fluid in case of accidents. It comes in Standard Blue, Jade, Taupe Gray and Black. The Edge Band top has a T-Mold edge in laminated polyurethane for an attractive, smooth finish. Available in blue or black. The X base provides good room beneath the table for everyone to move their feet. The low-maintenance hydraulic table jack smoothly adjusts from 29 to 41H, providing the ideal height for every exam. Durable Stainless Steel on the top is chemical-resistant and easy to clean. Shor-Line tables are intended for animal use only. Feline LS Exam Table Specifications: The top is oval-shaped and 30inW x 40inL at its widest and longest points. The hydraulic table base has a jack that lifts the table from 29in to 41inH. The base comes with adjustable leveling feet that helps keep the table level on stone or other uneven floors. The base has an X frame that allows feet to slide close to that table. The base legs extend out from the table. The overall footprint is 30W x 40L