Shor-Line Kat Portal Cut Out


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The Kat Portal transforms any two Shor-Line cages into an expansive home for felines. The larger space allows the cat to roam as they please, and the portal closes off when you need to clean or use the extra space. As found by research conducted by the University of California Davis, the Kat Portal decreases feline housing stress. This in turn decreases the risk of disease and increases cat adoptability in shelters./or staff. Product features: The Kat Portal creates an 8in-diameter opening with a 9.5in lip that creates a stylish, finished edge. PVC spacer included in the kit protects the cage integrity to maintain cage strength. The paw print on the ABS latch closes down to secure the opening with a latch pin. This gives you added flexibility when you need the unit to operate as two individual cages. If this part number is for retrofitting Kat Portals in Shor-Line cages. If your cages are another brand, talk with ask for a free consultation. We have alternative portals that look the same and do the same job but fit different cage spacings. To help you protect your existing cages, we recommend one template, which can be used for multiple installations.