Shor-Line Mobile Animal Lift Table with K9-W8 Scale


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The all-in-one Mark IV is an exam table with ample storage combined with the a K9-W8 Scale for recording accurate patient weights–no need to take the pet to the weighing station. The Mark IV uses the K9-W8 Scale that features advanced load cell technology. It has four load cells positioned in the corners are ideal for accurately calculating weights on four-legged animals. The low-profile scale fits neatly into the table, and it is able to withstand years of wear and tear. Product Features: Stainless Steel scale top doubles as an exam table. Scale features: Four ultra low profile load cells at each corner of the scale provide accurate, reliable and repeatable weights in pounds and kilograms. A liquid resistant shroud that spans the length of the scale, providing ample protection from routine cleaning, protects the load cells. Scale load cells are rated IP65 against water ingress. Self-leveling load mounts for increased precision weighing and a 300% overload rating. Large, easy to see backlit LCD screen scale readout with 1 high numbers. Quick, on-screen weight calibration. Tare, Recall, lbs/kg, Light and Free/Lock features.Display with Operation Keys operates on AC adaptor (Power-Pak). MALT features: Footswitch engages a quiet, battery-operated rechargeable actuator system that lifts up to 200 lbs. Two tie-down restraint cleats on each side of table for secure animal transport. Corrosion-resistant reinforced nylon locking casters and rotating non-marring bumpers.