Shor-Line Prelude LED Exam Light, Mobile


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The new Prelude LED Mobile Exam Light provides an attractive, highly efficient exam light. This premium illumination product offers a color temperature of 4500 K for visual tissue clarity, making exam room diagnosis easier. It moves easily from room to room. Product Features: Up to a 40,000 LUX maximum at one-meter working distance. 11 white light LEDs with individual parabolic reflectors. High efficiency LED light consumes only 20% of the power other bulbs. Color temperature of 4500 K, which provides visual tissue clarity. An easy-to-use switch allows for low (50%) or high (100%), and it has a maximum of 40,000 LUX. LED lights are cool to work under, making the exam environment less stressful. No replacement bulbs or fuses necessary. Easily positioned and drift free. Long life LEDs. Auto voltage sensing of 120V-240V. UL/CSA certified. 3-year product housing warranty.