Shor-Line Stainless Steel Cat Suite, Double Unit


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The Stainless Steel Cat Suite is the flagship of our Stainless Steel feline housing. We developed it in conjunction with University researchers to address the need for double-compartment housing that lowers the stress for felines. This unit is a double unit (48W) that features two 48W Stainless Steel Cat Suites stacked on mobile platform. This combination unit includes both the platform and the top and end panels, which give the unit a finished look. Product features: Premium features reduce stress for recovering or boarding cats. Spacious 36W main area has a comfortable polyethylene (PE) back resting bench. The 12W litter area features a resting bench as well. Patented Hinge Design US Patent #7,805,808. Our silent-closing latch keeps the environment low stress. Stainless steel door design features extra tight spacing at the latch to discourages paw entrapment. Lockable door latch to prevent escapes. You can open or close the portals from the outside without opening cage doors or disturbing occupants. Interior polymer components are made of chemical resistant Polyethylene (PE). Exterior is 48W x 30H x 68½D.