TK Products Pro-Series Backless Multi-Run Dog Kennels 4ftx4in² w/ Stainless steel hardware.


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TK Products Pro-Series Backless Multi-Run Dog Kennels are heavy duty dog kennels made from hot-dipped galvanized welded wire kennel panels and open on one side. Made for indoor and outdoor use, these kennels were designed to board large and extra-large dogs in outside/inside configurations. The Width (W) measurements refer to the door/gate panel, and the Length (L) measurements refer to the length of the side panels All Kennels are 6ft (72) in height. Actual measurements: 2 Run Kennel = 93.75in³W x 48in³L x 72in³H 3 Run Kennel = 140in³W x 48in³L x 72in³H 4 Run Kennel = 186.25in³W x 48in³L x 72in³H 5 Run Kennel = 232.5in³W x 48in³L x 72in³H 6 Run Kennel = 278.75in³W x 48in³L x 72in³H A complete single row of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 free-standing 4ftW x 4ftL x 6ftH kennels complete with all the stainless steel door handles, all the stainless steel bolt assemblies, and plastic leg inserts. All TK Kennels come with a 5 Year Manufacturerfts Warranty! Other kennels will claim to be galvanized after welding, but close inspection will reveal that the welded joints have just been hand-painted with galvanized paint. Painting the welds simple coats the outside of the surface with a very thin finish and leaving the inside of the weld and frame with no protection at all from condensation or moisture. The stock tubing they use may be hot-dipped but with a very thin coating which can easily wear through during normal use. We have found powder coating to be less durable than even the cheap galvanized kennels, as it holds up no better than any ordinary paint. Superior Design Each Pro-Series kennel panel utilizes 1 ¼in square tubing frame with welded mitered corners for superior strength and appearance . The top mitered corner design also eliminates all dirt and debris from entering the top of the frame and corroding it from the inside out. Most of the other major brand kennels have frames that are wide open on top. Using square tube kennel frames provides a more positive means to secure two panels together. Our square frame kennels are bolted together using a stainless steel bolt assembly that is designed to wrap around each frame for increased strength, unlike round tube framed kennels that use a round clamp system which often becomes loose and rotates. Our bolt assembly includes all stainless steel bolts and vibration proof stainless steel locknuts . We chose this design due to our own experience with brackets that loosen and fail. The square tubing frame holds 6 gauge 2×4 welded wire mesh . The inside of the frame is pre-drilled around the entire inner perimeter; then each end of the wire mesh is inserted into the pre-drilled frame and welded around every wire . This is the most secure way to fasten the wire mesh to the frame and eliminates exposed sharp or jagged edges that could injure your pet. This design also provides a quiet kennel with no rattling of the fence like other chain link versions. Most other brands just weld the wire mesh to the surface of the frame every six to twelve inches which means some of the wire mesh ends can be bent out and injure your pet. The kennels are raised off the ground with a 2in leg for easy spray out cleaning and also have a plastic leg insert to help with wear and improve corrosion resistance. The optional Stainless Steel foot replaces the plastic leg insert and allows the side panels to be adjustable from 2in in“ 3in in“ 4in above grade for easy cleaning and sloped concrete installations. The large 3 ½in square foot also allows for bolting the kennels to the concrete and works great for setting up the kennels on soft surfaces like grass or pea stone. Each door panel has a 2-foot door which swings in-or-out. The door panel is also reversible offering a right or left-handed installation. The door hinge design allows for the door to be removed by lifting it straight up but only if the door is opened to at least 90 degrees, this is a handy feature for cleaning. These unique features truly make the TK Pro-Series a versatile kennel system. The spring-loaded door latch is solid stainless steel with an internal stainless spring that holds the latch shut and prevents your pet from opening the door. In addition to having a handle on both sides for ease of use, the latch is also lockable for your petfts safety. The ease of one-handed door opening during feeding time as well as doors that open in or out will save you time as well as the frustration of trying to open the door with feed bowls in your hand . Optional Isolation Panels & Roof Panels TK Isolation Panels are made of a non-toxic black textured HDPE (composite). Being that the HDPE is black all the way through it shows fewer scratches than any steel or galvanized panels and it is impervious to cleaning chemicals and will never corrode or rust even if damaged. All our isolation panels are 48in tall and fastened to our wire mesh side panels using stainless steel brackets and screws. This means the panels can be added, moved or removed at any time to increase ventilation or install where needed. We also offer top mesh panels for our 4ftx10ft and 5ftx10ft kennels . They are designed to sit down flush inside the kennel on the six mounting tabs and are fastened in place using the supplied stainless steel self-drilling mounting screws Mounting to a Wall We do not supply hardware to fasten the backs to the wall mainly because there would be too many types of fasteners and walls (block, steel, studded, drywall, etc.). All our side panels are pre-drilled near the top and bottom to allow you to use either lag bolts or concrete anchors to fasten them to the wall depending on your preference. For sloped floors lag bolts and a cut a piece of ¾ electrical PVC pipe may be used as a spacer. This works great since concrete is never perfectly level and the spacers can be cut to the exact length for each kennel side. In addition, they will never rust or corrode . IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION When we ship your order, it will arrive on a pallet delivered by a commercial LTL carrier. The trucks are usually semis/tractor trailers / full size 18 wheelers. If you need residential delivery, we recommend having some help onsite when your shipment arrives. The freight company will call you a day or so before they deliver to schedule a time to deliver. The pallets of kennels can be unwrapped on the truck and each kennel panel can then be easily lifted off the truck. Due to the size and nature of the LARGER kennel pieces, lift-gate service is unavailable for 8ft and 10ft Long Kennels. Manufacturer Warranty TK Products Comprehensive 5 year Warranty